General & Self Assessment

  • 64-8 Authorising your agent
  • CWF1 Becoming self employed and registering for National Insurance contributions and/or tax
  • CA5601 Application to pay National Insurance by Direct Debit
  • CF10 Self-employed people with small earnings - applying for a certificate of exception
  • Ch3 Child Benefit Claim
  • R38 Tax Claim
  • R40 Claim for repayment of tax deducted from savings and investments
  • P50 Claim for Income Tax repayment
  • R85 Getting your interest without tax taken off
  • SA1 Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return
  • SA100 Self Assessment Tax Return
  • SA101 Self Assessment Aliitional Information
  • SA102 Employment supplementary pages
  • SA103F Self-Employment (full) supplementary pages
  • SA103S Self-Employment (short) supplementary pages
  • SA105 Land and Property supplementary pages
  • SA303 Claim to reduce payments on account
  • SA400 Registering a partnership for Self Assessment
  • SA401 Registering a partner for Self Assessment
  • P85 Leaving the United Kingdom
  • NRL1 Non-resident Landlords - Individuals


  • FBI 2 Authorising your agent to use PAYE Online Services (Internet)
  • P9D Expenses payments and income from which tax cannot be deducted - for employees earning less than £8500
  • P11D Expenses and benefits
  • P11 Deductions working sheet
  • P38S Student employees
  • P46 PAYE – notice of new employee
  • P46(Car) Car provided for the private use of an employee or a director
  • PSA1 PAYE Settlement Agreement Calculation
  • SC2 Employee’s statement of sickness

Ltd Companies

Value Alied Tax

  • VAT1 Application for registration
  • VAT2 Partnership details
  • VAT7 Application to cancel your VAT Registration
  • VAT68 Transfer of a business as a going concern - request for transfer of a registration number
  • VAT427 Claims for Input Tax/Relief after cancellation of registration
  • VAT600 FRS Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme
  • VAT600 AA Application to join the Annual Accounting Scheme
  • VAT652 Voluntary disclosure of errors on VAT Returns
  • VAT1614 Option to tax land and buildings notification form

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